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Deal Manager in Dynamics CE Sales

Dynamics 365 CE Deal Manager in Dynamics CE SalesWith so much talk going on about the expanded functionality in the newer areas of Dynamics, let’s look at a great new enhancement in Dynamics CE Sales. For years we have been creating dashboards for Sales Managers...

Dynamics 365 Power Automate Conditions

Dynamics 365 CE Dynamics 365 Data Formats in Power Automate ConditionsMicrosoft’s Power Automate gives a great low-code interface for creating and maintaining automation without having a strong background in development or a detailed knowledge of programming language...

Virtual Agents

Dynamics 365 Power Virtual Agents 101Virtual Agents- what are they? Simply put, they are automated bots that greet your customers to begin their interaction with your organization. Microsoft is putting a huge amount of effort into the ability to enhance your...

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