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Chang the way you work with Dynamics 365 mixed reality

Ludia’s Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality solution helps you empower employees and optimize operational efficiency.

Blending the physical and digital world with Mixed Reality

With the technological advancements in mixed reality experiences, we have started to blend the physical world and the digital world to our advantage.

By using Microsoft HoloLens, users can see and interact with their physical environment through the see-through display.

This is a game changer—manufacturers and developers can leverage these experiences to help your team do work from anywhere.

How Dynamics 365 Guides can improve productivity

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, step-by-step holographic instructions that keep your employees safe accelerate learning.

Dynamics 36 Guides can easily integrate into your existing workflows to view and save data by utilizing data-driven insights.

Problems can be solved in real time virtually using Microsoft Teams, allowing workers to collaborate and help solve critical problems faster.

Guides also work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management or Dynamics 365 Field Service to help provide the best-integrated experience.

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Remote Assist through HoloLens or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile

Remote Assist can easily be integrated with Field Services and other Microsoft enterprise applications. From Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile, experts can clue into specific problems and provide the knowledge and skills necessary to fix them.

Remote inspections save time and money while allowing you to optimize operations to the fullest. Photos and videos can be captured from D365 Supply Chain management to track their condition over time and can be viewed from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for validation purposes.

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How can Ludia help you?

Ludia Consulting brings decades of experience and expertise to help fulfill your complex needs. Our partnership with Microsoft means we have access to the latest and greatest information to help your business exceed. Ludia’s experts bring innovation to the forefront through customized mixed-reality integrations and provide support as you embark on this journey with us. At Ludia, we believe we can create the best solutions and develop long-term relationships through communication and trust.

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