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Ludia consulting's eco-friendly Right to repair solution

Ludia’s Right to Repair solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides consumers seamless and carbon-friendly repair experience. See how it works.

Our Right to Repair Solution

Microsoft Dynamics Right to Repair for is a joint initiative between Ludia Consulting and Microsoft designed to connect consumers with local repair opportunities through a Citizen Service Provider (CSP) or an Approved Service Provider (ASP) center.

This new and sustainable model will create additional service options locally for consumers to reduce our overall carbon footprint caused by existing repair processes.

On top of this, our solution will create more jobs within our community.

right to repair diagram

What is a Citizen Service Provider?

Citizen Service Providers are certified providers that fix devices locally so consumers can receive their repaired devices faster.

The best part? As long as they follow a simple certification process, anyone can become a CSP. This initiative will create countless jobs, fuel the economy and enable communities to service their own devices.

The process is simple, and both the Citizen Service Provider and consumers will benefit from this transaction while helping save the planet.

right to repair diagram

Coming soon in Q4 2023.

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