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Community projects: Dynamics 365 Solution for antidote

See how Ludia’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helped the nonprofit organization Antidote track, monitor, and streamline fundraising efforts.

Antidote Overview

Extremist leaders and organizations abuse individuals and families and tear at the fabric of society. These types of organizations use common methods of manipulating, recruiting, and controlling to take advantage of those who are vulnerable.

With the advent of digital technology, these groups are able to reach and manipulate larger audiences and target those who are vulnerable to propaganda and disinformation.

Antidote takes a public health approach to psychological manipulation by providing services for prevention as well as those who have been affected by these harmful tactics. Antidote’s founder, Diane, has written a book about her experiences, interviewed former cult members for her YouTube channel, and even gave a TED talk on cults.

Visit their Antidote’s website to learn more about their story and how you can help.

How Ludia helped make a difference

Ludia Consulting implemented a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution to help Antidote track and monitor donations. With Ludia’s help, Antidote is able to better streamline their fundraising efforts and better serve their community; giving Antidote more opportunities to better counteract manipulative tactics and help victims thrive as well as educate and prevent further abuse.

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