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Tailored Industry Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Ludia Consulting’s Dynamics 365 solution for the manufacturing industry optimizes operational efficiency to drive business success.

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are turning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to stay ahead of competitors and gain a competitive edge.

Ludia’s tailored end-to-end Dynamics solutions give you real-time visibility into your operations—maximizing overall productivity and improving your bottom line.

Our solutions also enable you to digitize and automate business processes, allowing you to make better business decisions faster.

Two Heavy Industry Engineers Stand in Pipe Manufacturing Factory

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Solutions for your Business

Ludia Consulting will help transform and digitize your approach to your manufacturing operations through Microsoft’s enterprise stack of applications.

How can Ludia help you?

We can help you nurture better customer relationships by capturing and analyzing customer data to provide better offerings.

In addition, we can gain better insights to optimize your supply chain and your business, mitigating disruptions and streamlining operations. 

Key Benefits 

A trusted global partner in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions


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Keep up with customer demands by fostering better communication between the customer and your business.

Workplace Automation

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Workplace automation allows employees to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on providing value.

Time Tracking

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Provide better transparency into your operations, allowing you to optimize and save on operational expenses.


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Our solutions can quickly gather real-time information and analyze KPIs to make intelligent decisions faster.

Risk Management

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Create a more resilient supply network to help mitigate disruptions and respond better to future crises.

Preventative Maintenance

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Generate recurring appointments to maintain service quality and to keep your operations running smoothly.

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