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Dynamics 365 Empowers Ukraine War Animals Relief Fund

In Ukraine’s animal welfare challenge, UWARF aimed to improve the lives of abandoned animals. Technical operational roadblocks hindered their mission until Ludia Consulting, known for Microsoft’s expertise, was asked to participate. Launched in April 2022, this collaboration aimed to modernize UWARF’s operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365. The platform streamlined animal tracking, status updates, and dietary needs, paving the way for AI integration for reunification.

Ludia Consulting didn’t just provide technology; they contributed funds for microchips and provided profound technical guidance. Their holistic approach underlines dedication to real change. The Dynamics for Good initiative showcases their passion for tech and community welfare.

The result? A transformative Microsoft solution built on the Dataverse to empower UWARF volunteers. Thanks to technology and volunteers, managing microchip data, uploading images, and logistics became manageable, benefiting our furry friends who can’t speak.

Ludia Consulting’s process included meeting with the UWARF team to understand needs and requirements and tailoring the solution to meet their needs. Leveraging Microsoft’s Success by Design methodology ensured swift solution implementation from start to finish.

As UWARF and Ludia Consulting pave a brighter path for animals in need, they light the way for all—a testament to reshaping animal welfare and technology’s role in doing good.

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