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The more critical the challenge, the brighter our Solution Architects shine

Ludia Consulting’s experts understand the pressures of modernization and are here to help set your business up for success

What is a Solution Architect?

 The Solution Architect is responsible for implementing Dynamics 365 solutions while providing guidance and support to customers. From an operational standpoint, Solution Architects leverages their skills to create a roadmap and provide support in implementing and optimizing these solutions. Typically, the solution architect will monitor the project progress and implement change processes. They are the main point of contact between our team and the client from beginning to end to ensure seamless communication.

Solution Architecture

 At Ludia, our Solution Architects, also known as Solutioneers, are experts at their craft, understanding the Dynamics 365 ecosystem inside and out. Our Solution Architects will work with you to identify your needs and find the solutions that will be in your best interest. They take the time to understand your business and create targeted solutions that will transform your organization. Our Solution Architects are proactive and will be involved every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition. In addition, they will equip your workers with the knowledge needed to use these tools to their advantage.

You can count on our Solution Architects to create the best implementations that will make your organization shine.

Mature company manager and worker going through reports in industrial facility.

Why Ludia?

 Ludia Consulting brings decades of experience and expertise to help you improve your operations. Our experts bring innovation to the forefront through customized integrations to solve all your business needs. At Ludia, we pride ourselves on creating the best solutions and cultivating lasting relationships through communication and trust.

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