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Ludia Consulting Implementation Framework

Our trusted approach to implementing ERP and CRM projects 

Ludia's Implementation Approach

While our experts at Ludia design, build, configure, and deploy Microsoft implementations, we understand the need for user adoption to achieve successful outcomes.

We will collaborate with you to craft a plan to help onboard your organization through the deployment of our solution, with guidance from our experts every step of the way. Ludia uses Microsoft’s Success by Design framework as a base for our implementation methodology.

Microsoft’s Success by Design Framework

Success by Design is an end-to-end project management framework that is designed around three core principles: Early Discovery, Proactive Guidance, and Predictable Success.

The Success by Design framework spans four critical stages of the implementation journey: Initiate, Implement, Prepare, and Operate.

Our Methodology

Ludia goes above and beyond the Success by Design framework. We have built upon the tried-and-true framework and created a methodology of our own to implement ERP and CRM projects. Our project delivery method helps onboard you while keeping you front and center as a collaborator.

1. Preparation and planning

2. Procedure review

3. Data preparation

4. Testing and training

5. Rollout and evaluation

Once we define your needs and wants, we utilize our resources to craft a solution that is custom-tailored to your organization. At Ludia, we prioritize a customer-centric focus—we want to collaborate with you and create a supportive partnership. Therefore, we are always looking toward your organization’s best interest.

It takes equal involvement to successfully deploy a solution with minimized business risk. You can rest assured that you will be guided and coached by our experts every step of the way.

Together, we can transform your organization.

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